New Cold-Pressed Greenlipped Mussel Extract

Mountain Red is excited to announce the launch of a new ‘cold-pressed’ mussel extract. The process of cold-pressing is renowned for its health and wellbeing properties, providing significant scientific advantage over steam or heat-treated extraction as it preserves, and therefore optimises, the therapeutic activity of the marine bioactives.

Karen Morley is chief executive of the Nelson-based producer and processor of cold-pressed mussel extract, and believes it is the next great super-food about to have its full potential recognised in the marketplace.

“We’re very excited about being able to offer this product to New Zealand, because there is now clear scientific evidence that Cold-Pressed Mussel Extract can have a significant effect on reducing pain and improving joint mobility.”

The University of Queensland’s School of Medicine was recently commissioned to investigate the product’s therapeutic efficacy and to firmly establish the substantial benefit of green shell mussel extract to improve pain and joint mobility.

A group of 21 men and women, aged between 41 and 87 and diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees, were tested over an eight-week trial, which saw 59 per cent of the group gaining relief from the mussel powder product.

Primary clinical investigators for the project, Luis Vitetta and Samantha Coulson, said previous reports on the use of freeze-dried New Zealand green shell mussel for treating osteoarthritis had been inconsistent and inconclusive, so such significant results from the pilot trial were very surprising.

Karen Morley says these results offer scientific evidence in support of Greenlipped Mussel Extract aiding the reduction of joint pain.

“Greenlipped mussels are unique to New Zealand and such a rich source of marine bio-actives and five kinds of Omega-3, to help assist good joint health, cardiovascular care and healthy brain function.

“There are so many people that could benefit from this product.”

In addition to the cold-pressed Greenlipped Mussel Extract, Mountain Red also produces Deer Velvet and Grape Extract as part of the company’s 100% natural and sustainable health product range.

Posted on September 10th 2014