New Zealand Deer Velvet Expands to Australian Market

Following significant growth in the US market this year, New Zealand deer velvet will soon be available in Australia.

Deer Industry New Zealand has worked for some years towards introducing high quality New Zealand deer velvet into Australia, and is excited by the news of a well-respected New Zealand velvet marketer’s launch into the Australian market.

Formed in 2002, Nelson based, family-owned company Mountain Red is a leading deer velvet producer in New Zealand. The company is also unique in that it controls the entire production process, managing quality right from the farm to the retailer.

DINZ velvet marketing manager Rhys Griffiths says Mountain Red has always put quality first, setting high standards in animal welfare, velvet removal techniques and product quality.

“Mountain Red has had a great impact on the velvet industry in New Zealand. They are passionate about every step of the process, from farm management and animal welfare, to leading the way with product handling, ensuring delivery of superior products to the global market,” says Griffiths.

Because of their involvement at every step of the process, they can pride themselves on delivery of a very natural, sustainable and traceable health product. Griffiths says the product is reported to sell well in Asia, where the health benefits of deer velvet are well understood and respected.

“Velvet is a cornerstone ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, with our Asian customers having a strong understanding of the role that velvet plays in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Oriental medicine doctors typically prescribe velvet in autumn to boost immunity prior to the onset of winter; however, we are starting to see its uses rapidly expand into areas such as helping with anti-fatigue, growth and improved stamina.

“What the Asian culture has understood for years, the western market is beginning to see – perhaps one reason why the US market has more than doubled its imports of NZ velvet this year. Having experienced growing success in Asia and the US, the Australian market is a logical next step for Mountain Red.”

Late in 2012, Mountain Red obtained approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to make their Deer Velvet Antler available in Australia as a Listed Therapeutic Product. Mountain Red founder Karen Morley believes there is a strong market for New Zealand deer velvet in Australia, with the range of deer velvet health benefits making it an appealing health supplement to a wide-reaching market.

“We’ve delivered excellent results for sportspeople, those with joint or mobility issues, and also people suffering from fatigue and stress. Deer velvet supports your entire metabolic system, including cell production and repair, having a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of most people.”

Deer Industry New Zealand is supporting the launch of Mountain Red into Australia, with the first bottles due to hit shelves in late August.

Posted on July 23rd 2013