No deer are harmed during the collection of Mountain Red deer velvet

Mountain Red cares and protects our deer.  What makes our product different is that it is humanely collected under strict quality control methods to ensure the animals’ health and welfare are carefully considered. To be effective as a nutrient-rich supplement, deer antler velvet must be collected and processed approximately midway through their growth stage, prior to their calcification, the accumulation process of calcium salt forming in the bone. Hardened antler does not have any blood supply, antler that is shed does not provide the nutrients desired for medicinal purposes. Therefore, the collection of deer antler velvet is usually done at the half grown stage.

Deer antler velvet is humanely removed using local anesthesia done by a trained specialist and is relatively quick and painless procedure designed to minimize stress for the animal. Once the velvet has been harvested, the deer are released straight back out onto the farm to carry on with their day, making Mountain Red Deer Velvet wonderfully sustainable.

Mountain Red exceeds all velveting standards and meets standard the code of conduct under National Velvetting Standards Body (NVSB). NVSB mission is to implement the Code of recommendations and minimum standards for the welfare of deer during the removal of antlers. Mountain Red is fully accredited by Deer Industry New Zealand and we are also independently audited.