Phillip Kramer

Phillip Kramer Mountain Red Success Story

*For many years, I had experienced pain after being very active in sport. Playing tennis, badminton and golf while I was in my younger years, as I grew older I started to endure pain in my upper body due to the onset of mild osteoarthritis. For periods of time, I would find it very difficult to even put my belt through my trouser loops, requiring me to put my arms behind my back. This was very painful in my shoulders with my wife’s assistance I kept my trousers on!

I had previously tried all sorts of natural medication, and it was only when I started taking Mountain Red Deer Velvet that I noticed a change in my ability for movement without pain and more energy enabling me to carry out everyday tasks with ease. My career as a successful designer and artist requires me to use my skills and imagination every day – perhaps Deer Velvet is also brain food! – helping me concentrate long hours at a time.

I have taken Mountain Red Deer Velvet now for eight years plus, and now being over 50 I have no pain and can keep up a very busy lifestyle, gardening, golfing, mountain biking and recreation walks. It is most important to keep up a regular dose, even one tablet a day keeps me pain-free. I very rarely get sick and have not had a cold or flu for as long as I have been on Deer Velvet.