Weekend Warrior Eddy Besselink

Eddy Besselink Mountain Red Success Story

*Ten years ago I moved to New Zealand with my kiwi wife where we are now raising our three children. We live near the coast which means we are always out and about (surfing, diving, etc.), going on adventures in the nearby bush, riding our bikes and scooters and playing sport. I also have 10 acres, which requires constant attention with tree pruning, managing stock and maintaining large gardens and grounds.

Nine months ago I turned 50, and while the mind still wants to go 100%, the body is getting tired earlier and recovery takes a bit longer than it used to. On top of this, I have three young and very active kids (aged 3, 9 and 11).

Since taking Mountain Red Deer Velvet, I have experienced a remarkable difference in my energy levels and more importantly, my recovery from activity. No more aches and pains or little niggles. With my oldest son and daughter now competing in judo, Mountain Red has given me an opportunity to get involved in the sport again and help out during lessons.

I love living a healthy, active lifestyle and want to set a good example for my children so that they grow up wanting to lead a similar lifestyle. Mountain Red Deer Velvet is helping me to achieve this.