Pets, Companion Animals and Working Dogs

Many companion animals and working dogs have the same age related issues as we do, where it is not uncommon for joint and mobility problems to appear later in life.  The good news is that Mountain Red is great for them too! Let them take the easy to swallow capsule, once daily, or else you can open it up and sprinkle on their food - they love the taste!
What are the signs of joint issues in dogs?
Just like humans, your dog will be affected by ageing, and one of the most common issues in middle and later life is arthritis. While they can't put it in words, there are a number of tell-tale signs:
- reluctance to walk, climb, jump or play
- limping
- lagging behind when they go for a walk
- slow to get up from a lying or sleeping position
- yelping with pain when touched
Options for Treatment
There are a number of options to assist dogs, and therapies based on New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler can be of benefit.  As well as helping with joint relief for your pet, Deer Velvet Antler provides a useful alternative to conventional  therapies, and will help them get moving again, and additionally providing other long-term benefits for their general wellbeing such as immune support and a healthy coat.
What is the Evidence?
A study* conducted in Canada revealed significant health benefits for dogs affected by osteoarthritis when given a course of deer velvet antler. The authors concluded that deer velvet should be considered as a therapy when treating this condition in dogs.
Other trials** in animals using deer velvet extracts have also demonstrated a useful anti-inflammatory action of deer velvet.
Deer Velvet Antler Combinations - A Warning About Some Ingredients You Might Want To Avoid
Some companies offer Deer Velvet Antler in combination with other ingredients, either in a capsule or tablet form. These are usually marketed as special "formulas".
We took a very active decision to produce products containing only Deer Velvet, as there is increasing evidence that these type of single ingredient products offer the best value, safety profile, and absorption, while avoiding potential issues around dosing, contamination and adulteration seen in combination formulas.
With specific reference to use in dogs, we have seen Deer Velvet products sold that contain xylitol - this ingredient is fatal to dogs, so avoid at all costs.
Similarly, the use of ginseng in both cats and dogs is questionable. Leading veterinarians have suggested that ginseng should not be used in pets with hypertension (hyperthyroidism in cats, kidney disease in dogs and cats, cardiomyopathy). Ginseng should not be used in pets with bleeding disorders or pets with anxiety, hyperactivity or nervousness. It should not be used in pets taking hypoglycemic medications without veterinary supervision. Because animal patients vary in their response to ginseng, and because various species of ginseng plants exist with various quantities of ginsenosides, and because of variation in quality control among supplements, long-term ingestion should be avoided, and veterinary advice sought when using ginseng. Rest assured Mountain Red contains only 100% Deer Velvet - no hidden ginseng.
The simple answer may be to avoid Deer Velvet supplements containing ginseng altogether. 
Veterinary Professional Use
If you are a veterinary professional and would like to stock Mountain Red in your practice please contact us at to discuss professional pricing. 
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** Wang, Ben-Xiang (1996). Advances in the research of chemistry, pharmacology and clinical application of pilose antler. Proceedings of the '96 International Symposium on Deer Science and Deer Products. Changchun, China, 14-32. 1996.