Jarrod Lowson

Jarrod Lawson Mountain Red Success Story

*I am a healthy, active individual and work as a Personal Trainer in Dubai. I always strive to be a role model for my clients and colleagues, so healthy living and training is part of my daily routine and lifestyle. The discovery of Mountain Red Deer Velvet has made a world of difference to my routine like I could have never imagined.

Within a month of adding it to my morning diet, my 1RM Bench press went up by 20 kgs and 1RM Deadlift up by 30 kgs. I also feel that my joints are stronger and the ability to push myself for a few extra reps has increased.

Most of all, I feel even healthier – my immune system has become so strong that I have hardly had any illness since starting on Deer Velvet. Working with people all day, every day in a gym environment means an increased chance of illness, but I feel impenetrable these days! I recommend Deer Velvet for any individual wishing to enhance their lifestyle, and especially any athlete wishing to improve performance.