World Champion Ruan Retief

In the highly competitive world of sport, athletes need all the help they can get and throughout my years as multiple-time World Champion I have tried many techniques, natural supplements and systems to enhance my performance to compete on the world stage.

It was in this process that I was introduced to Mountain Red Deer Velvet, and I can honestly say that was the day that my search for truly effective performance enhancers stopped. Mountain Red Deer Velvet gave me an extra edge that took me from competing successfully in my home country of South Africa to conquering competition worldwide.

My bench press ability increased from 80kg to 120kg, and my leg strength, critical in Karate, doubling to nearly 200kg, something that has also benefited Retief’s new sport of competitive mountain biking, that he wants to share the news with others.

I can truly recommend Mountain Red Deer Velvet to any athlete who takes both their performance and their health seriously. I have gained immense benefits from Mountain Red Deer Velvet and encourage others to try it for themselves; I believe you will be amazed at the results.