Speed Sprinter Dale Wins Marathon

New Zealand Senior Speed Skater Dale Christoffersen has just returned from a  fantastic series of sucesses at the  2019 Oceania Speed Championships held in Brisbane, Australia, where he was competing across a range of disciplines, including, for the first time, the marathon event (Dale usually competes in the sprint events). This year he won the 200m time trial, 1 lap race and also the marathon event for the very first time!!

In addition Dale came second in the 1K and 15K elimination race and 3rd in the 10K point race.

Dale also reports that since including Mountain Red DVA in his nutritional regimen he has seen an increase in general fitness, with his VO2 max increasing rapidly, and also he reports notable improvements in the time it take him to recover from these events.

Congratulations Dale on these wonderful achievements, and keep up the great work!