Michael Davis - Dad, Trainer, Motivator and Runner

I stopped training and competing in endurance sports when my wife and I had twin girls. I hit my mid-forties, the middle age spread kicked in, and the couch became a close, comfortable friend. Good friends of mine then asked me to help train, coach and run with them in the Rotorua and Auckland Marathons and paid for my entries before I had the chance to say no.

Commencing training again and really began to hurt, with my knees and achilles tendons were giving me pain and soreness that impacted on my ability to train. I used to manage a global sports supplement company and had significant experience using and testing sports nutrition products. Mountain Red Deer Velvet appealed as something I should try, and after completing both marathons this year and supporting both my friends to finishing their goals, I can honestly say that Mountain Red’s products are fantastic.

My knees no long hurt. My achilles inflammation disappeared. Mountain Red’s products allowed me to train, whereas before taking deer velvet, I was continually breaking down and visiting my friendly physio. My breathing control and recovery were unbelievable. It reminded me of the way altitude training gave me a significant edge during intense swim training sprints and hill repeats on the bike. The other impressive change I noticed was the recovery from hard training sessions and lack of muscle soreness, given my limited training build up.

Mountain Red’s Deer Velvet has proven itself to me beyond any doubt and will be a critical part of my daily nutrition as I look forward to entering more events over the next 12 months.